This site shows an overview of my work since 2005, the year in which I decided to make painting into a profession.

I grouped the paintings per year, because of the subsequent differences in style. On the other hand, I joined together drawings in ink and pencil and work in mixed media, for they express the same playfulness. 

Two heads are about abstraction: the quest to dispose of defined thoughts and meanings, and to look: to lean on the eye. The objective of the camera has often helped me strengthen this way of looking. The distance to the object transforms image into abstraction, stripped of definition and coincidence. It’s the form itself that becomes the story.

The blog is my sketchbook. I won't use many words, because there is no real meaning to it.

To finish: a little story on bicycles, for I live in Amsterdam and they are the flowers of my city.


I hope it speaks to you... and please, don't hesitate to speak to me if you have any questions or remarks.    



Aukje Rammelt